Helping Women Unlock Hope

Through Aromatherapy and Scholarships

About Us

We're a one-woman shop that is wildly passionate about giving women back their dignity, honor, and hope. We believe that every woman should be able to live a full life (young or old). That is why we are making peoples lives better through the holistic approach of aromatherapy and offering scholarships to help women out of homelessness.

Visions Purpose Promise



To help people find natural ways for basic and daily needs, including minor pain and muscle aches, uplifting products for the mood.



My mission is to have products that are made with natural, organic ingredients.



I promise to source ingredients that are fair trade, not over harvested. I will always purchase quality ingredients, keeping my environment clean.

Meet Anita

Owner of Anita Louise Organics

My passion for Aromatherapy was born out of a place of unlocking how to hope again.

Coming out of homelessness, I recognized how the products I put on my skin were affecting my whole body. The search for pure and organic products brought me to experimenting with essential oils, and other ingredients such as butters and carrier oils. I learned through trial and error; testing one recipe after another and trying them on myself. I found so many ingredients that benefited my skin and home to a greater extent then what the stores offered.

As my enthusiasm grew, I decided to pursue certification as an Aromatherapist. I wanted to thoughtfully and accurately be able to share helpful products with family, friends, and you! The positivity around my oil recipes grew, and Anita Louise Organics was born!

My deepest desire for this business is to help low income women transition out of homelessness into self-sufficiency. We are excited for the future and opportunities to provide scholarships to help women pursue entrepreneurship, partner with local nonprofits, and serve our community in an even bigger way!